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Importance of Value-Added Programs in Teacher Training Programs

Besides the regular tidbits of the learning module and the program course in NIECCE, which includes two semesters and six papers each, NIECCE tries to model the teacher training in such a way that they have an overall development. If any pr

blematic situation arises, they could take the proper decisions and the first step. In a sensitive environment with children all around, the teacher needs to be patient and understand the need of the individual student. For instance, how do they solve a conflict between two children in the nursery section?

Being harsh and rude to the tiny tots will not be helpful. Instead,

the teacher must apply tips and tricks to make both the parties understand and resolve their conflict and, in the process, revive their friendship. As easy as this sounds, this is one of the most complicated processes. Understanding every child's emotional needs is a task and

resolving problems is a greater one. Thus simple knowledge, tips and tricks from books do not necessarily work at these times. The children need to be taught some extra co-curricular activities.

Pre-primary children need to be introduced to such activities to develop an interest in one or the other gradually. As we all know, 'All work and no play makes Jack a Dull Boy' involving them in extra co-curricular activities is essential to their nursery education. That's why these are always included in our pre-primary teacher training course.

Here in NIECCE, we teach the teachers in training about various things such as Yoga, Arts and crafts and Puppetry. The teachers, in turn, can devise such activities that would make the children more interested.

For the teachers in training and their overall improvement, we arrange classes for Spoken English as fluent English enhances the chances of getting a job. We also conduct mock interviews so that the teachers can be confident during their job interviews. We also give importance to personality development and public speaking skills; a teacher must have an excellent overall presence.

In these uncertain times, especially from 2020, we do not know when the world will have to shift online. Thus in NIECCE, we train teachers with technology so that they can teach online if a situation arises so. The ECCE teacher training course includes all the required perspectives a teacher should learn.

To keep the children entertained for a long time, a teacher must also garner a few more qualities. Such as storytelling and phonics, just to make learning fun. We have introduced Story Telling and phonics workshops to improve vocabulary as well. We also conduct demo/mock classes so that the newly trained teacher would have some experience before hopping onto ground reality. We also have rhymes and easy drawing lessons that would benefit the teachers in the future. Some minor medical emergencies might happen when dealing with a bunch of kids. At that moment, a teacher must know the proper use of the first aid box. Here in NIECCE, we train teachers in pediatric first aid training. We also include them in our NTT online training course.

Thus, all the Value Added Programs will benefit the teachers in the long run. NIECCE helps with such VAP by conducting classes and workshops.

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