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Business Icon - 2022 | Best Teacher Training Program! By Industries Minister: Murugesh Nirani

We are happy to announce that we were awarded the Business Icon of the Year 2022 in recognition of our contributions to Early Childhood Care Education.

The Award was awarded to NIECCE Team for the combined effort in the education industry!

Our Executive Director Keertish Makam receives the Award from the

Sri. Murugesh Nirani, Hon'ble Minister,

Small Scale Industries, Karnataka.

NIECCE Core Team with the Award!

Kiran Shankar, Principal, Little Kidz

Anitha Eshwar, NIECCE,

Sahana Prasad & Bhavya.

We received the Business Icon Award for excellence in the Field of Early Child Care Education for innovative, research & practical applicability of curriculum & Activities in all the fields of expertise as mentioned below.

Little Kidz Pre-school: A Complete preschool for children between 2-6 years. with more than 15,000 kids completing & successfully pursuing their formal schooling with some currently pursuing medicine, engineering, art, sport, teaching, etc.

With Dedicated Franchise Partners, 1000's children across South India are benefited through Little Kidz Pre-schools.

NIECCE: The research wing that focuses on every aspect of the curriculum, and methodology in ECCE along with the teacher training program that is focused on ECCE provides certifications & qualifications.

LIL Beez - Early Childhood Learning Series: The Lil-Beez Series of books for Pre-school Children focuses on effective learning aids for the children & teaching aids for the teachers!

The Series has got 2 sub-series for the Textbooks & Practice writing books.

The Alumni association of Teachers is strong & every member of the NIECCE family has contributed to the success of this Business Icon Award 2022.

This Award is not for the 2022 year alone, it's the hard work, pursuance & dedication of 100's of faculties & 1000's students since 2004!

We Thank & dedicate this Award to them!

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